Friday, May 11, 2007


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1. I am first generation American on my Mother's side and My Mother is first generation Colombian. She is was born in Cali Colombia. My grandparents fled Russia and Romania in the early 1930s from the Russians and the Nazis. I used to spend 3 months out of every year in Colombia from the time I was born till I was 14.

2. Although most of you know that my favorite color is now any shade of purple, when i was younger, I loved the color yellow because it reminder me of sunshine and I wanted everything to be bright and sunny

3. The first time I went to the dentist, the hygienist left me way too long with the fluoride treatment so I bit her and then threw up on her (sorry Jessi don't tell the hubby)

4. None of her 6 grandchildren or 3 children had the patience to sit and keep her company except me so, my maternal grandmother passed down all her family knowledge to me including her family recipes, pictures and ability to knit. Doesn't make my Aunt very happy that I know how to make my grandmothers knishes and strudel well nor the fact that I can knit and she can't.

5. I plan on completely blowing off my 20th high school reunion which is a week from Sunday. (now you all can kind of figure out how old I am, LOL) I went to a very small school, do not keep in touch with anyone and they are combining it with the 60th anniversary of the school as well. Then, they are going to turn around and change the name of the school so it will be as if I didn't graduate from the place anyway. I don't really want to know how anyone turned out because I didn't really like any of them 20 years ago and no one had the decency to stay in touch now. So, why go?

6. When I was 12 I was accepted into The The Pennsylvania School of Ballet and would have gone straight into a chorus of a ballet that fall except my father really didn't want that kind of life for me. That same year I was also accepted into an advanced art program at school. Although not the same, it was an acceptable replacement. I still go to see the ballet every chance I get but it gets expensive for non-nose bleed seats.

7. I am very glad my soaping friends Frances and Denise persuaded me to take knitting back up again. Otherwise, I might have missed out on a lot of new friends. Thanks ladies!!

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RandomRanter said...

It is, of course, totally up to you, and may be to late to rearrange now anyway, but I would say the reunions can be fun even if you haven't kept in touch with folks. After all, you changed a lot in twenty years, probably so have those folks. But, you know, I am insanely curious, so that may just be me.

Channon said...

Sharon, I too am blowing off my 20 yr. reunion, but looking forward to hubby's. Mine has just been so poorly planned that I have ZERO interest in going.

And I visited your website, and want one of everything. I'll have to go back with credit card in hand and order!!