Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Little Bit of This and That on a Saturday

Well, it is finally here my Mother's Day present weekend! The husband actually took the kids away for the weekend. I had to pack them but they are gone. For at least today. I am actually thinking for the entire holiday weekend since their grandmother, my MIL, went as well. The Princess, Miss Sunshine, Aunt in law, MIL, hubby, and the dog all packed into the car to go to the cabin in the mountains. they left at 9 AM EDT. WAHOO. I was a tad worried though since Miss Sunshine hasn't been feeling well and she was very clingy to mommy this morning. i was feeling a bit of the mommy guilt but when it came time she hoped into the car, gave kisses and said see you later Mommy. The princess, of course, was like Bye, Mom, be back Monday! and gave a wave.

I have already been very busy soapmaking and made 4 batches: White Tea (sorry the entire batch is spoken for already), Sandalwood Patchouli, Candy Apple and Blackberry Sage. These are added to the Coconut Lime Verbena and Sweet Raspberry I made earlier in the week. Just for Jessi, since I made it her favorite color, here is a picture of the Blackberry Sage as it sits cooling

I also got a very lovely surprise in the mail yesterday. Well, technically I knew it was coming. I had won a prize of my very own over at the "Spring Into Summer" Dishcloth Exchange thank you oh great hostess Anne! The prize is two hanks of Elite one in purple and one in pink, a magnet pad of paper that miss Sunshine decided to play hide and seek with so it is not in the picture, a bar of VERY delicious chocolate that is also not in the picture for obvious reasons (evil grin, a house with three ladies, need I say more?) and a very cute Lantern moon key chain.

Last, but very not least, one of my goals while the girlies are away is to finish my heartbreakingly cute kimono. I wanted you all to see where it is now so you would know how far I have to go. plus I wanted you to see just how cute it really is, which it is. It's cute in peaches in Cream yarn but look how much cuter it is when you use Rainbow Ribbon by Cherry Tree Hill!

Now to find a good girlie movie on TV so I can sit and knit without being bothered and truly enjoy my weekend.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone.

Oh and remember, the, Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap is going to be tons of fun and sign ups begin next Friday!!


Bubblesknits said...

Sooo pretty! I bet it smells fabulous, too! Thanks for the pic!

Your surprise from Anne is wonderful! The chocolate wouldn't have lasted long around here, either. LOL

The kimono is looking beautiful! It looks like you're almost done.

Cass said...

Oh I'm green with envy! I want a weekend alone!!!! Enjoy every moment, do NOT succumb to the mommy guilt, and make sure you sing bad music really loud and terribly. Oh and do you drink vodka? ;) Enjoy Sharon!

Devonshire said...

Hope you enjoy a knitting fun filled weekend. The kimono looks beautiful and I love the yarn color choice. Yeah to Anne for sending those yummy looking cottons!!!

anne marie said...

wow - lucky you!

enjoy EVERY minute of it. no guilt necessary.

oh yeah, and have FUN too!